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Two-Thirds of College Grads Struggle to Launch Their Careers – Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review Two-Thirds of College Grads Struggle to Launch Their CareersHarvard Business ReviewEvery year, high school students and their parents spend much time, effort, and money on the college search. By comparison, they spend very little time focused on how they will spend their undergraduate years while in college. Yet a series of decisions […]

Do careers talks in schools improve pupils’ life chances? – Schools Week

Schools Week Do careers talks in schools improve pupils' life chances?Schools WeekThe impact of school-based careers talks, with people from outside school, on earnings at age 26. We analysed data from the British cohort study of 1970 – which covers 17,000 people – to work out whether they had an impact, and, if so, what […]

Careers week inspires Sunderland youngsters – Sunderland Echo

Sunderland Echo Careers week inspires Sunderland youngstersSunderland Echo… most children receiving a personal reply to their letters. “We have had so many offers from kind people willing to give up their time to visit us during careers week, that is has become a near-military operation to organise and timetable such an … Brought to you […]

Top emerging IT careers for recent college grads – CIO

Top emerging IT careers for recent college gradsCIOIt's that time of year when college seniors are graduating and entering the workforce. Recent graduates, or those who have entered the workforce over the last few years but may be interested in a career pivot, should explore options in IT. The timing … Brought to you by […]

Young people should consider moving to these affordable ’18-hour cities’ to start their careers – Business Insider

Business Insider Young people should consider moving to these affordable '18-hour cities' to start their careersBusiness InsiderNew York City and San Francisco aren't the only cities for recent grads to launch their careers. There are plenty of other options that are more affordable without sacrificing opportunity. In fact, "18-hour cities" — cities that offer a […]

Arts for arts’ sake but many careers beckon – Irish Times

Irish Times Arts for arts' sake but many careers beckonIrish TimesIf you are keen to pursue a course in the arts and humanities, it is likely that you are choosing your subject for its own sake rather than as the starting block to a particular career. That is not to say that some do not […]

10000 Girls Explore Science Careers – Voice of America (blog)

Voice of America (blog) 10000 Girls Explore Science CareersVoice of America (blog)A science museum in Denver, Colorado is working to increase the number of American girls who grow up to be scientists. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science recently held a “Girls and Science Day.” The event gave over 10,000 girls the chance to … […]

Careers talks ‘boost future earnings’ – research – BBC News

BBC News Careers talks 'boost future earnings' – researchBBC NewsCareers education given to pupils in secondary school can be linked to higher earnings in adult life, according to researchers. A study published in the Journal of Education and Work suggests that better-informed teenagers are likely to make more …School careers talks can boost teens' future earning […]

Warning: here’s what I really think about motherhood and careers – Warning: here's what I really think about motherhood and I have been an ambitious career woman all my life but after giving birth to a little boy, none of that seems to matter. Now I just want to stay at home and work part-time, something I never would have considered before. I feel […]

New hub will promote ag careers at Fieldays – New hub will promote ag careers at new Careers and Education Hub provided young people the opportunity to explore a future in agriculture. The hub fitted in with Fieldays' objectives, which was to advance agriculture and bring town and country together, Fieldays chief executive … Brought to you by Google News. Read the […]