Job Search Advice – Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

What is the Hidden Job Market?   It has become a “buzz word” but the concept is simple. It is estimated that 80% of jobs are filled by companies who never advertise the position and are filled by referral, or the “who do you know” method of recruitment. So while keeping an eye on job posting […]

Key Ingredient to Add to Your Job Search Discovered!

Many job seekers don’t think they need to learn sales skills or maybe they have a negative idea of what sales is all about. Knowing how to sell your yourself is one secret to getting hired faster. The best sales definition I’ve found is this: Sales is the transfer of excitement about something, to someone […]

Job Search Strategies

If you are looking for a job, you’ll find it helpful to prepare a job strategy. Looking for job openings can be a very daunting affair. By preparing a strategy, you get a road map that needs to be followed. This plan helps you to assess and earmark how much time you should devote to […]