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2Many job seekers don’t think they need to learn sales skills or maybe they have a negative idea of what sales is all about. Knowing how to sell your yourself is one secret to getting hired faster. The best sales definition I’ve found is this: Sales is the transfer of excitement about something, to someone else. Or as John C. Maxwell put it, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This holds true for your job search, resume writing and interviewing. Companies and recruiters need to feel the excitement you have about working in your career field AND for the opportunity to work at their company. I suggest that you do your due diligence and conduct research on the company (or companies) you are seeking employment with. If you show up and don’t know the company mission statement or what their values are, then you are not relaying your excitement.

Do you know YOU? Do you know why you want to work in the field you chose? Are you an expert in your field? Can you relay the excitement you feel to be lucky enough to do the work you do? Can you talk about yourself in a 2-3 minute “sales” pitch. When asked the simple question, “Tell me about yourself?” are prepared? Sales presentations require you to know your product (you and your skills) and with a lot of practice, knowing how to confidently relay this information. Do you practice your sales pitch? Do you practice in the mirror to make sure you don’t send the wrong signals during your sales presentation?

Write down a short history about your past jobs and your best skills. Research the company you will interview with and know their mission and vision statement. Take this information and practice talking about yourself in the mirror or in front or family and friends. Do this until you are comfortable talking about yourself! Preparation is so important in your sales pitch, don’t try and practice the night before your interview – it will be too late!

Sales is an important part of your job search, whether you enjoy sales, or public speaking, or not. It benefits you to improve daily and feel very comfortable selling your skills. Practice is the key. Know your product, know your customer and learn how to speak professionally about you! – It will definitely pay off during your job hunt!

Good Luck!

Ben M. Rivera is the author and blogger of “The Accidental Job Search Experiment” at where he blogs about his 13 year long job search and how he conducted a successful military transition. Ben M. has never been a recruiter, but he has conducted a successful job hunt while researching and tailoring winning resume’s. Ben M. has a B.S. in Occupational Education and holds the CISSP® information security certification. Sign-up at and get the latest job help and military transition blog posts sent right to your email inbox!

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